MY NEW TV SHOW!!!!!!!!

My new comedy news show premieres THIS FRIDAY!! It airs at 8pm EST on RT America and again at 11:30pm. It also reruns on Monday evening. But have no fear if you don’t get the channel, it will all be online. For now “friend” us at and on Twitter @RedactedTonight. Thanks for the support. I hope you love the show!!


My full hour filmed LIVE in NYC at Bowery Electric! Get it for whatever amount you feel is appropriate. Recommended donation is only $5. Get the new hour “WE ARE NOTHING” by clicking here –  WeRNothingCrop

My new comedy special coming soon…

Taping My First Comedy Special in 2 Years in NYC!

The Sunday show is almost SOLD OUT but there are plenty of tickets to the Monday show – March 17th. There will be a special guest opening each of the shows, plus my performance will be accompanied by Mike Stang from the band Hierosonic. Don’t miss this! It’s cheap, fun, and you’ll be a part of history! (kinda)

Click here to details and tickets –


LOS ANGELES – live show DEC 13th with me AND Rooftop Revolutionaries UNPLUGGED

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.06.33 AM

This WILL sell out. Get your tickets now by going here –

A new review of my book

A new review of my book Lee Camp’s Moment of Clarity: The Rantings of A Stark Raving Sane Man –

Shows coming up in DC, Chicago, Denver, & Montreal!

Hey guys,
I’m coming to do my live show in DC, Chicago, Denver & Montreal! You can get the details on all of them by clicking the “schedule” tab at the top of this page. The Washington DC show is this coming weekend and features Mike Stang from Hierosonic. Details coming soon on the Chicago and Denver shows. Check out the “schedule” tab. Hope you can make it! Live shows are so much more fun than these internet video thingies. I promise!


I’m in the Montreal Comedy Festival!

I’m coming to the Montreal Comedy Festival to film a TV showcase. If you’re in the area, please come to the show!

Click here for details.


Tell your friends in these cities…

Holy shit. We did it!

In only 8 DAYS we have already 99% funded TEN NEW EPISODES of the Moment of Clarity Show. 417 people have stepped up, backed the show, and grabbed some great rewards. I am absolutely wet-my-pants floored by the support. And now WE’VE INCREASED OUR GOAL! Why not make MORE than 10 new episodes of the MOC Show??

And here’s the part I want to stress – You don’t have to view this as a donation. If you’ve EVER thought of buying my live stand-up comedy album “Pepper Spray The Tears Away,” you can do it a the Kickstarter for the SAME PRICE as on iTunes. Why not grab it now and help the show?
If you’ve EVER thought of buying the Moment of Clarity book – grab it now. 
If you’ve EVER thought of getting a Moment of Clarity T-shirt, get it now.

CLICK HERE to view T-shirt. 

> click here for Kickstarter <

Our NEW goal is $45,000 – which would create many more episodes of the show, and hopefully allow us to create an awesome new website to house the show. The website would also have a great forum for everyone to discuss how to fix the world.

This is it. This is your chance to help launch the Moment of Clarity Show into the stratosphere (because hopefully there are fewer toxins up there). 

Thank you all. And keep fighting. 


Go here to check out the Kickstarter page –

Help Me Make A Show Corporate America Will HATE!

At first I didn’t want to do a Kickstarter campaign for the Moment of Clarity Show. I didn’t like the idea of asking fans and supporters to give me money. And even though I knew that almost none of the money would ultimately go in my pocket (even if we stay on budget, I’ll end up making $300 for every month of work), it still felt like I would be begging for money. Two things changed my mind. One was hearing an author who had a successful Kickstarter say, “Very few people give to a Kickstarter ONLY to support the project. Most of them also do it for the rewards they get.” And this actually made me feel much better about it. Basically I’m selling you a product – both the MOC shows you will end up getting AND the rewards, such as my books, CDs, trips to NYC, etc. But the real reason I changed my opinion on Kickstarter was because I never wanted the MOC show to be funded by corporate America. I always wanted it to be funded by you and for you. I’m not saying Moment of Clarity could never be on TV. For example, if HBO came to me and offered to give me my own show where I can say whatever the fuck I want, I would jump at the chance. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon, and besides, I would be thrilled to have a show that couldn’t have existed without YOU. I fucking hate commercials. I hate corporate bullshit shoved down our throats endlessly. And Kickstarter is just about the only way I can have this show without being corporate America’s lady boy.

So I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey and help me make this happen. If you truly don’t have the funds right now to support the project, then I understand. I hope you’ll support us by telling everyone you know. Let’s do this. Let’s make a show that corporate America will hate!

Check out the rewards and watch the video at


Lee Camp live on RT’s “Breaking The Set with Abby Martin”

If you came here for the FREE album…

If you came here for the free download of my 2011 comedy album “Chaos for The Weary,” I’m sorry, but you missed it. It just ended. However, you can download tracks from the album for only 99 cents on iTunes or Amazon. I also have a newer album called “Pepper Spray The Tears Away.” Hope you enjoy it.

And keep fighting…

Acclaimed author and blogger David Swanson writes Glowing Review of my book

“Imagine Jon Stewart if he gave a damn.”

I’m totally thrilled to announce a glowing review of my book by brilliant activist/ author David Swanson. To read the whole review CLICK HERE.  (To order the book, GO HERE or find it on other online book sellers.)

Here’s a quote from the review:

Imagine Jon Stewart if he gave a damn.  Instead of glorifying inaction, Camp actually points his readers toward actions they should take.  Imagine Jon Stewart without the partisan slant.  Rather than noting the RNC’s cheers for immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, Stewart gives Obama a pass to keep that war going forever because Bush started it.   …In Camp’s best rants he takes original insights and combines them with fog facts or shadow stories (indisputably documented things we all know, except that “we” is only 2 percent of the country; such as the Kill List that made the front of the New York Times but which nobody attending an Obama rally has ever heard of) and he carries his outrage and the unknown causes of his outrage to a new audience.  

Announcing the winner of the Top 5 Protest Song contest

Last week I proposed a challenge – list your Top 5 Greatest Protest Songs. I along with Chris Bell, editor over at, selected the winner. I said extra points would be given for creativity. THE WINNER IS…. J. Christian Guerrero, who submitted the following list:

1. ‘Waiting Room’ – Fugazi
2. ‘CIA Man’ – The Fugs
3. ‘Marching Song of the Covert Battalions’ – Billy Bragg
4. ‘Fight The Power’ – Public Enemy
5. ‘We Shall Overcome’ – Pete Seeger

Here’s Chris’s analysis:  This might be my winner. I’m utterly surprised how few people were talking about punk songs. Fugazi and The Fugs are no-brainers and this was the only nomination that included either. Public Enemy might be a safe choice, but I support the inclusion of Chuck D in any conversation.

Here’s my analysis:  Totally agree about the lack of punk. Love that this list is all over the genre map. Great to see Billy Bragg on there. And if there hadn’t been any hip hop included, I probably couldn’t have given J. Christian the win. But he remedies that with “Fight The Power.”

J. Christian has won a free download of my new live comedy album “Pepper Spray the Tears Away.”