The Truth About Our National Heroes [New Moment of Clarity]

There’s something you might not realize about our national heroes. …Okay, there’s a lot you might not realize. I go through it in this episode of Moment of Clarity.
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New Moment of Clarity – How Our Competitive Lifestyle Could Be The Death Of Us

The US is based on competition. We talk about it like it’s the only way to be. However, could our competitive lifestyle¬†ultimately cause our downfall?

Moment of Clarity – The Mainstream Media Is Only Part Of The Problem

The mainstream media is only part of the problem. There’s an information overload that means that 90% of people are completely uninformed. …I made up that number, but it feels about right. (New Moment of Clarity.)

Moment of Clarity – We Will Soon Be Lost In An Escapism Vortex!

Okay, if you’re like me, you’re sick of everybody comparing our reality to The Matrix, but with the upcoming advances in virtual reality, we will unfortunately be very similar to The Matrix. (And your stoner friends will rejoice.) We will have to make a choice between the rough and dirty real world and the constant pleasure of a fake world that feels completely real. Which way do you think humanity will go?

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Moment of Clarity IS BACK!!!

Moment of Clarity is back after a long hiatus. In this episode I explain how to make people not care about murder victims. It’s quite simple actually, and it’s a trick our government uses on a daily basis. All you have to do is make sure to murder “unpersons.” I’ll explain who those are in this video.