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Comments ( 117 )

  1. Stephen

    Another idea--a take-off on the old Certs commercial (I'm dating myself, I know). It's the debates, and both Trump and Clinton are pointing at each other, saying, "You're a sociopath!" The moderate, like the announcer in the commercial, says, "Stop! You're both right!"

  2. Stephen

    Idea for a graphic or political cartoon--please pass on to anyone interested in executing it (beyond my skills). Weather broadcast, hurricane tracking, two Category 5 hurricanes bearing down on the Capitol, "Trump" and "Hillary." Weather announcer, tagged as a "journalist," is being dragged off in chains.

  3. jean

    never miss your show on RT - 76 year old granny here - thanks so much for your insightful commentary - keep it up and I will keep fighting!

  4. Cecilia

    Hi Lee! I'm a fan from Argentina. I love your show and podcast. It's always refreshing to know of critical americans and political comedians that seem to actually know and research issues. Your view point is very similar to mine. We're all underneath the globalization cloud, and suffering from many similar issues. I like seeing your show because I can see that although the US is a first world country, we're not too bad off here in Argentina. As opposed to what I see when I see other north american tv shows, entertainment and news, your shows give a picture of the US that is more real. Buenos Aires is cool, you should come. Although I don't know how many people know you here. I think your work is important now that corporatism is fighting for it's control, aided by right wing governments. Here in Latin America we are being surrounded by right wing governments and puppet presidents. But thanks to being Latin American, still, and very broad eyed, we are resisting. It's hard, because we have to hold on to our principals and memory. What you described as targeted killings from the government in the fight for terrorism sounds all too familiar to the "war on terrorism" done by the militaries here in Argentina in the 70s. Yes, we had 30.000 civilians killed by that war. We remember them every 24th of march and Obama very ironically came to visit this year at that date. But we're not stupid and our human rights organizations are strong, although they are politicized and I think should also be criticized. Anyways, good work!!!

  5. leecamp

    I'm not 76. The show does air at least once more every week on Mondays at 5:30pm. I don't know about different cable packets, etc. But you can also always watch it at Thanks Harry!

  6. hsnydick

    Two things: 1. Your Facebook 'about' section lists your birthdate as Born on July 21, 1940. There's no way in hell hat you are 76 years old. I should know, I'm 72. So, is this a typo, or an intentional bit of humor? 2. I don't have cable, but did see you once on RT, channel 35-4 in Philadelphia. The television page from the paper lists only 35-1 programming. Will you please write back and tell me when your program airs on channel 35-4? And is it more than once per week? Thanks. Harry S Nydick No website

  7. d

    Encountered your video via diaspora social network. Please join and leave these corporate surveillance networks.

  8. Bill

    So where do I get my high quality, Redacted Tonight, t-shirt? (Need a 3X, I'm workin' on that) Lee, I'm 67 and a devoted fan, In the best of all worlds we wouldn't need you, but THANK YOU for picking up the flag! It would be nice if once every few totally important news shows you could make the same video without the "colorful metaphors". I can't show my female friends and family (read my wife) any of your stuff, I'd have to hide. I did my best hitting all the Reno Bernie rallies, phone banking, and working on the Demo website. After the Las Vegas caucuses I was rebuffed by the local Democratic chairman as "not having done enough". I was a Republican through Bush 1. I abandoned the rebuplican party as hopeless after shrub's first term. Like Hillary, I was a Goldwater supporter in my youth. I will vote straight Demo ticket this year except for president. That will be Jill Stein. I will change my affiliation after the election to green and start working there. I'm in Red central. I may have to start something on my own! Keep fighting!

  9. MamaG

    Hello Lee, So, I want to say it was about a month and half ago or maybe two, where I was watching CNN ( I know, I know...I mostly watch just see them fuck it up hard everyday and wonder how these people sleep at night) but regardless, an interesting thing happened. So CNN was reporting on something to do with Obama and were using live shots of the Whitehouse, when all of a sudden an Arab man was rushed from outside to meet with President Obama. At that moment, all the entertainers (reporters?) Were surprised, mentioned how there was no mention of this as an official meeting or they would have reported on it. I too thought it was odd. So for the next few days I kept tuning in and scouring the net with anything to do with this meeting, but couldn't find anything. Again, weird. What's the big secret? Wait, I was right around the time that there was all the pressure to release the 9/11 28 pages of redaction. Anyway, maybe it's nothing...but I just found it odd. I'm also noticing that the US is supplying weapons and who knows what else, to Saudi Arabia, whom are waging a terrible war in Yemen. I feel like the US and Saudi have been up to nefarious actions....weapons, the 9/11 report and how it was barely a top news story, Clinton foundation, Yemen....I don't know what it all means, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable

  10. birchy

    (Sent via email, but here's another attempt) I would like to propose an activity that could reinvigorate the Bernie supporters and take control of the DNC in 3 months. 1) If we could marshal half of the time and energy of the Bernie supporters that phone banked and canvassed for Bernie throughout 50 states, and concentrate that on the 9-12 battleground Senate races (not to reward the DNC, but to empower Bernie), we could quite possibly win *every single* race. The DNC and the GOP will be throwing everything they can at those races, and it's likely that the DNC can win at least the 4 seats needed to take back the Senate if the VP is a liberal. Our third party efforts could tip the balance in the remaining contests (plus Tim Canova's race). 2) *If* we did that, it would show the DNC that we have all the power, that we can affect elections, that we could "primary" NeoLiberals in 2018. This would give Bernie much more power in whatever role he gets next year, possibly even ?Majority Leader? Clinton would *have* to keep most of her promises, and the media would be buzzing about how the Progressives are taking over. 3) Selling this idea is hard. Bernie's supporters are having trouble seeing the big picture and are still in mourning. And this kind of work is not sexy, it's hard. But, if you could embrace and promote this strategy, and maybe get the surrogates on board, they could fire up the troops and make it happen. There are millions of us, who put our hearts and souls and money into a dream. This is a good dream, and I really think it could work, *if* we unite around it and execute it well. I don't see why Bernie wouldn't endorse it and it would refocus his supporters into a positive, productive direction, instead of fragmenting into schisms, which is starting to happen. Agreement must be reached immediately, announcements and endorsements must be rapid. We can focus the bulk of the activity in October, but we only have two months to get it ready. 4) As for the issue of who to vote for, I'm trying to get a consensus (in social media) that we should vote for Clinton in swing states only, and protest vote for Jill everywhere else, calculating that it won't affect the Electoral College and we'll still get a liberal President and SCOTUS. To make that easier for die hards, I'm also encouraging the swapping of votes (like they did in Canada to oust Harper) so that a swing state Jill voter, swaps with a non-swing state Clinton voter, ensuring the Electoral College victory, but still voting one's conscience (by proxy). A strong protest vote campaign will also give us leverage.

  11. 1888

    Hulu´s privacy Nr 6... There is currently no consensus among industry participants as to what "Do Not Track" means and how to respond to "Do Not Track" browser signals. As such, we do not respond to such signals. WTF it clearly doesn´t mean ignore my wish not to be tracked... Do something with this ;-) All of their required OPT OUT actions are about as stupid as this... you can´t...

  12. zjas

    Hi Lee. I might be going waaay out on a conspiracy here but, Since loose cannon, loud mouth non conformist trump is pretty much the opposite of "fall in line" gop party, the gop seem to like vp better than trump. So... how convenient would it be if trump was elected but then "dissapeared" to blame the dems/progs? They would have a more "fall in line" fav and shift blame. Hmm... ?

  13. Travis Steffen

  14. leecamp


  15. HUH?

    I'm not the type of person who leaves comments on anything but I have to say your show is inspiring and refreshing to not only get news that is actually accurate and pertinent while being able to joke around to keep spirits up and not be angry and the end of hearing the outrageously depressing state of well the whole world. Thanks for the show, I continue to look forward to more and hope you schedule a live show out here in southern California sometime in the near future.

  16. Anna Key

    Hi Lee, I've been combing through your stuff for the last few days trying to see if you've looked into Del Bigtree's Vaxxed doco. I can't find any mention, but that could just be my shitty research skills. He calls it the biggest news story of his life. Watch the 20 min clip of Andrew Wakefield deal with the allegations against him and you can't help but be blown away by the power of what he says. Thoughts?

  17. LBL

    Wonderful Show! Greatly Appreciated! Thanks!

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