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Comments ( 106 )

  1. zjas

    Hi Lee. I might be going waaay out on a conspiracy here but, Since loose cannon, loud mouth non conformist trump is pretty much the opposite of "fall in line" gop party, the gop seem to like vp better than trump. So... how convenient would it be if trump was elected but then "dissapeared" to blame the dems/progs? They would have a more "fall in line" fav and shift blame. Hmm... ?

  2. Travis Steffen

  3. leecamp


  4. HUH?

    I'm not the type of person who leaves comments on anything but I have to say your show is inspiring and refreshing to not only get news that is actually accurate and pertinent while being able to joke around to keep spirits up and not be angry and the end of hearing the outrageously depressing state of well the whole world. Thanks for the show, I continue to look forward to more and hope you schedule a live show out here in southern California sometime in the near future.

  5. Anna Key

    Hi Lee, I've been combing through your stuff for the last few days trying to see if you've looked into Del Bigtree's Vaxxed doco. I can't find any mention, but that could just be my shitty research skills. He calls it the biggest news story of his life. Watch the 20 min clip of Andrew Wakefield deal with the allegations against him and you can't help but be blown away by the power of what he says. Thoughts?

  6. LBL

    Wonderful Show! Greatly Appreciated! Thanks!

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