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Comments ( 60 )

  1. The Illuminati Avengers

    Hey Lee: In the new avengers movie they argue as, super heros, about how they are only in it for personal glory and none of them every helps save starving children, or even creates a save the children charity with all their fame etc., Including Captin America and Superman . There's also an illuminati scene where Loki tells the kneeling people that they need to be ruled from the illuminati gods which Loki is

  2. bill

    Is there an RSS feed for Redacted Tonight? If so, what it is?

  3. JoshO12

    I just want to say you are the coolest man. Keep up the fight. We can win this and take our country back! I know we can. I believe in the American people and what the Constitution really means about freedom. Our forfathers were much smarter than we could have ever imagined. Thanks bro.

  4. Cora

    Come back to Chicago !

  5. macewan

    Price of membership where I get to call you with my favorite GMO recipes of the month? Willing to pay extra if my GMO induced pharma reduced pill bottle snuggieizer® is mentioned? Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so. Would $75 cover it?

  6. leecamp

    Thanks Kevin!

  7. Kevin

    Thank you for being loud and alive, Lee Camp. Today you are a finger on the giant hand I'm wishing for to slap the shit out of the idiot herd of complacency. You make me happy.

  8. SnorkY2K

    Contact me for a real discussion on the Venus Project

  9. Singingway

    Hi Lee, I LOVED the one about "Evil People Have Plans." How often I have thought that, sitting in committee meetings with good-hearted people and doughnuts. Can I get your advice? What's the LEAST EVIL cell phone company? Unless we all want to go Luddite, we need to know what's the least evil auto, phone, internet provider, and bank. Have you any input on that? Thanks Muchly.

  10. The Great White North

    Your latest MOC video was great. I especially liked the ending scene where the fat soda drinking people came at the White House. You should do a full 5 minutes on that alone. All the cheeseburgers getting in the way, heart attacks, stopping to inject insulin. It's so incredibly true. We see these headlines about the NSA and PRISM and all these other ABC's and we get all pissed off and worried, but at the end of the day, make a move that has immediate impact on your own life---stop eating SHIT! You can't be ACTIVE unless you are ACTIVE! Peace out Lee. Sorry to hear about the show being cancelled in Montreal. Hope to see you sometime in the future.

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