Everything I do is corporate sponsor-free – there are no corporate ads on my weekly show. No corporate sponsors on my podcast. No corporate links on my website. So I get to say whatever I want to countless people every week.

I want to keep it that way, and stay member-supported. Are you a member? If you aren’t yet, this is the best time possible to sign up to help support non-corporate sponsored independent media and commentary! 

Here’s the new perk levels for the end of 2014:

For $10 (or half of a night out at the movies), you can be a: Decent Human Being Who Supports Independent Non-Corporate Media!

1. You get a free download of my two most recent albums.
2. I, Lee Camp, will record the outgoing voicemail message for you or a friend.

And I’ll add your name to the site as someone who helps make possible.

For $20 (or less than your Netflix account), you can be a: Bringer Of Clarity!

BRAND NEW PERKS: All of the above, plus
1. We’ll schedule a 10-minute phone conversation to discuss a possible topic for a future Moment of Clarity.

2. John F. O’Donnell and I will tell an extended story about you on Moment Of Clarity as if we’re known you for years, Bill Brasky-style. Want us to talk about that time you singlehandedly thwarted unconstitutional NSA wiretapping? We’ll do it. Want us to talk about that one other time you pantsed Bill O’Reilly? We’ll mention it.

This is YOUR chance to tell me what you would like to see on the show. At least one topic from these conversations will become an MOC episode, and possibly more.

For $35 (or about half as much as your monthly Starbucks habit), you can be a: Bringer Of Extra-Strength Clarity!

BRAND NEW PERKS: All of the above, plus
1. Free tickets, to all my shows, for life. (Yes, you read that right.)
2. VIP tickets to a taping of Redacted Tonight AND a beer afterward with me and the Redacted gang.

And then, if none of the above are insane enough…

Become Lee’s New Boss!

For the $85 level, I will send you all of the above, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping me doing things like hire staff to spread and help produce my work.

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