Are you a member? If you aren’t yet, this is the best time possible to sign up to help support alternative media and comedy! 

Here’s my current membership levels:

For $10 (or less than a movie), you can be a: Decent Human Being Who Supports Alternative Media!

You make doing this possible – thank you. You are awesome.


For $20 (or less than your Netflix account), you can be a: Bringer Of Clarity!



For $30 (or about half as much as your monthly Starbucks habit), you can be a: Bringer Of Extra-Strength Clarity!

PERKS: VIP tickets to a taping of Redacted Tonight in DC – I will take photos with you on-set and you’ll get to have a beer with the Redacted gang after the show. Also, you are awesome.
And then, if none of the above are enough…

For $85, Holy Crap! You’re a superhero, and your power is free Lee Camp stand-up tickets for life.

Basically. For $85, you get all of the above plus this: Free tickets to every single one of my shows for the rest of your life…Yes, you read this right. (Must be minimum year membership.) You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping me doing things like hire staff to spread and help produce my work. Thank you.

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