Podcast #273 – Are dildos spying on us? Is the pope a redneck? And much more… [click to play]

1) To learn more about Amazon’s drones - CLICK HERE

2) To learn more about the 700,000 people on the terrorism watch list CLICK HERE

3) For more on fast food performance pay – CLICK HERE

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5) Outro is “Brand X Misery” by Cire

6) Intro is by Becks and the Bullets

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  1. WildBill212

    Zinn's book "People's History of The USA" was required reading, and still might be, in the California University (U.C.&Cal.St.)school system as it was the text-book for U.S. history 101&102. A good book, BUT BUT BUT... The shame is that many in the class spoke no english and understood even less.So, on the dumbing-down situation....mission accomplished. Sadly.

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