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  1. EchoTheCat

    Yes! Fort Worth/Dallas area please! Love your work.

  2. JonnyBoy89

    Come to Fort Worth, TX!

  3. yv

    Any chance of stopping in Oakland or Berkeley when you're in the Bay Area?

  4. leecamp

    I love this idea. There's a site for this called "eventful" or something but the reason I decided not to use it was because in order to "request" me you have to sign up for the site and agree that they'll give your email to other sites. So it seems abusive. But you're right. I should create my own. By the way, email with your city and we will alert you if I'm coming that way.

  5. leecamp

    Probably not soon. However, we tape every week in Washington DC - well worth the trip. It's free and we all grab drink after the show. Go here to sign up -

  6. Rob

    Hey Lee is there any chance that you and your crew will be performing in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area anytime soon?

  7. Michel

    Hey Lee. Longtime fan. I have a suggestion for the site: I live in Montreal and would love to see you. Maybe you could have a widget somewhere where I (and others) could put their home city and you could notify them later by email of when you're swinging by their town. It would also allow you to know in what cities there is a lot of people waiting to see you and that could help you plan out your future gigs. I think that would up your audience levels rather than trust people will keep coming to this page to figure out what's coming up.

  8. leecamp

    I'm coming to Austin!

  9. Nickname ( required )

    Come to el paso Tx!!.

  10. Progressive hopeful

    Dude Florida needs you come on

  11. Andre

    You're going to LA; cool, but what about San Francisco?

  12. tzmsocialist

    Could you add your appearance at the Zeitgeist Media Festival at Art Share LA on December 3rd to this schedule?

  13. MissBlue

    Any chance you could come to Wisconsin?

  14. Rainyday

    Are you coming back to Asheville, NC anytime soon?

  15. DebOrah

    Next time you are in the NW come to Tacoma!!! It's a hop and a skip from Seattle and a very different place.

  16. Luke

    Come to utah!!!

  17. leecamp

    Working on setting up a date now.

  18. R

    Any chance you will ever make it to the bay area california?

  19. smoothb

    How about coming to Columbus Ohio to The Funny Bone?

  20. Lyssa

    Come to Houston.

  21. JonnyBoy89

    Please come to Dallas! I relocated here from Seattle! :(

  22. leecamp

    I'm coming to Seattle!! Go here -

  23. leecamp

    I'm coming to Seattle! Announcing it any minute!

  24. sk0sH

    I would love it if you came to Seattle! I'm sure a lot of people would, you have a lot of fans here. Might just drive down to Portland, it's worth the 4 hour drive :)

  25. Jim

    Any chance of you doing a show in the Palm Springs CA area (like at the McCallum theater at Palm Desert CA)? Jim

  26. cindy

    Where when in atlanta?

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