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  • WASHINGTON, DC –  GET FREE TIX to my TV show “Redacted Tonight”. For FREE tix go here –
  • CLEVELAND, OH – Friday, March 10, 2017 at Beachland Ballroom – 7:30pm, 7pm doors. Click here for tickets.
  • PITTSBURGH, PA – Saturday, March 11, 2017 at Mr. Small’s Funhouse – 7:30pm, 7pm doors. Click here for tickets.
  • BOSTON, MA – Friday, April 21, 2017 at Arts At The Armory – 8:30pm, 7:30pm doors. Click here for tickets.

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Request a Show In YOUR City!

Want me to do a live stand-up comedy show in YOUR CITY?? Submit your request below. I will likely do a show in any city that gets a bunch of requests (after emails are confirmed as genuine and a venue is located for the show). Just enter your email, city, and state below. If you live NEAR a large city, you are better off listing the larger city since it is more likely I will be able to come there. This tool both helps me know which areas want me to hold a show and also gives me a way to let you know when I actually do have the show. Without your email address, it’s almost impossible for me to let you know when I’m coming to your town. Thanks! I hope to see you SOON. 

Most Requested Cities

Binghamton, NY 25 votes
Seattle, WA 10 votes
Asheville, NC 8 votes
Los Angeles, CA 7 votes
Chicago, IL 6 votes
New York, NY 5 votes
Portland, OR 5 votes
Salt Lake City, UT 5 votes
St. Louis, MO 5 votes
Minneapolis, MN 4 votes
Tucson, AZ 4 votes
Philadelphia, PA 4 votes
Tampa, FL 4 votes
, 3 votes
Nashville, TN 3 votes
Sacramento, CA 3 votes
Syracuse, NY 3 votes
San Jose, CA 3 votes
Atlanta, GA 3 votes
Buffalo, NY 3 votes
Albany NY, NY 3 votes
Kansas City, MO 3 votes
Columbus, OH 3 votes
Saginaw, MI 3 votes
Scottsdale, AZ 3 votes
Springfield, MA 3 votes
Kingston, NY 2 votes
Bloomington, IN 2 votes
Harrisburg, PA 2 votes
Chattanooga, TN 2 votes
Louisville, KY 2 votes
St. Augustine, FL 2 votes
Detroit, MI 2 votes
San Antonio, TX 2 votes
West Palm Beach, FL 2 votes
Dallas/FortWorth, TX 2 votes
, NJ 2 votes
binghamton, NY 2 votes
Albuquerque, NM 2 votes
Milwaukee, WI 2 votes
Salem, OR 2 votes
Toronto, Canada 2 votes
Athens, GA 2 votes
New Orleans, LA 2 votes
Greenville, SC 1 vote
Red Bank, NJ 1 vote
Selma, AL 1 vote
Binhamton, NY 1 vote
Lincoln, NE 1 vote
Taunton, UM 1 vote
Bowling Green, KY 1 vote
Jacksonville, FL 1 vote
Providence, RI 1 vote
South Bend, WA 1 vote
Carbondale, IL 1 vote
Keene, NH 1 vote
Richmond, VA 1 vote
Owego, NY 1 vote
Oakland, CA 1 vote
Newark, NJ 1 vote
Green Bay, WI 1 vote
Palatine, IL 1 vote
Fairfield, CT 1 vote
Houston, TX 1 vote
Waukegan, IL 1 vote
Spokane, Washington, WA 1 vote
Orlando, FL 1 vote
Black River Falls, WI 1 vote
Everett, WA 1 vote
San Antonio, 1 vote
Boston, MA 1 vote
DeKalb, IL 1 vote
Albany NY, 1 vote
Santa Rosa, CA 1 vote
Burlington, VT 1 vote
Biddeford, ME 1 vote
Raleigh, NC 1 vote
San Francisco, CA 1 vote
Arcata, CA 1 vote
Memphis, TN 1 vote
Newark, OH 1 vote
Culver City, CA 1 vote
Bellingham, WA 1 vote
Bangor, ME 1 vote
Largo, FL 1 vote
Cedar Rapids, IA 1 vote
Overland Park, KS 1 vote
Boise, ID 1 vote
Lawrence, KS 1 vote
San Diego, CA 1 vote
Austin, TX 1 vote
Bremerton, WA 1 vote
Chica, IL 1 vote
Marion, IA 1 vote
Bakersfield, CA 1 vote
St. Catharines, Canada 1 vote
Spokane, WA 1 vote
Berkeley, CA 1 vote
Cleveland, OH 1 vote
Richmond, CA 1 vote
Duluth, MN 1 vote
Ottawa, Canada 1 vote
Flagstaff, AZ 1 vote
Shreveport, LA 1 vote
Denver, CO 1 vote
Charleston, SC 1 vote
New Brunswick, NJ 1 vote
Lindon, UT 1 vote
Toronto, OH 1 vote
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1 vote
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