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  1. TracyB

    Will you be coming to Southern California ?

  2. Rhonda R

    Hi Lee, I noticed your playing the Edinburgh fringe again this year. Is there any chance there will be anymore UK dates?

  3. Awesome Tommy

    Hello Again Mr.Lee Camp !! It's been a busy week over here promoting Abby Martin for the "If I had a Hammer !!" Peter,Paul,and Mary Song for ROWW + Paul.Walker (RIP).Leaving a message for Journey the US Rock Band for Abby Martin.was the high point of this week's activities.Also if you are free on April 26th in DC,there is a Martha Redbone Concert and hopefully Abby Martin will be there too!! Please check the DC.Press for details or visit the Martha Redbone website.Thankyou Mr.Camp and good luck!! Thomas Hartley @ Chester in the United Kingdom.(

  4. RHazard

    Is the November DENVER date still valid? the red link leads to the 2008 DNC page... (what would it take to schedule you in Colorado for 2014? I can put you in a theater, help organize etc...

  5. Lyn

    Any plans on coming to Europe this year ? Geneva perhaps :) Thank you for all your GREAT work!!!

  6. Sherry Bloodgood Cunha

    Lee You really need to come to Portland Oregon There are so many Fans here who would be excited to have you in our fair City ! You would pack the place!! Please think about it!!! ( :

  7. leah & daniel

    looking forward to seeing you in LA!

  8. Trevor

    No Minneapolis.... You should think about doing a show here in America's Siberia....

  9. sarahmoon60

    Portland Oregon would be fantastic. Come on you have to be tired of East Coast.

  10. Ash

    You need to come to Portland Oregon !

  11. MRStephenRB

    Las Vegas awaits you Lee. Why not stop by before it is your only option left? before your kid is changing your diaper and shoveling apple sauce down your throat? Peace out.

  12. Jon D

    Hi Lee, I made a 200 mile round trip to see you in Leigh On Sea, Essex when you were in the UK in May. Well worth the trip. This trip to Belgium..... looks like there may be space for some hilarity in my South Eastern corner of the UK (Close to Dover for easy access to Belgium!) on the way there or back... Can you mail me privately about what it takes to get you in a room full of like-minded people... I'd like to try and book you if possible. People need to hear this shit!!!

  13. leecamp

    Thanks John!

  14. John

    Lee- I love your Moments of Clarity!! Hope to see you in Buffalo, New York sometime soon!!

  15. leecamp

    I'll be playing Montreal in a month. Other than that, no plans right now. But hopefully soon.

  16. Navid

    Hi lee Just wondering if you have any plan to come to canada at all.

  17. Dickies Bint

    if you are going to Little Rock,why not go see Mama Hicks! She'd love to meet ya! :-)

  18. leecamp

    Thank you so much! I'm so sorry. The person who was making the trip happen backed out. Very sorry.

  19. Kyleigh

    WAIT! Are you not coming to St. Louis anymore??? Please come to St. Louis! I'd planned to come to see your show... Because St. Louis was the closest you'd ever come to where I live in KS. Damn... Maybe next year, Lee?

  20. DCW

    AFQ says: June 5, 2012 at 7:38 am Please come to the University of Oregon!!!!! Eugene needs you. this

  21. Drew

    Come to Houston please!

  22. leecamp

    Hey Robert, Thanks! What city are you in? I am coming to Asheville, NC soon. ~L

  23. Robert

    Hey Lee. I just discovered you yesterday. It's always nice to hear someone putting the truth out there. I have shared MOC #231 on facebook and asked my friends to do the same. We are all being royally fucked and robbed by the Owners and soon there will be nothing left for them to take. Then what? I did't see anything in the Southeastern US on your schedule. Ay plans to get down this way? Keep up the fight and I will keep sharing and retweeting. Your message is important ad people need to hear it.

  24. Melissa

    Hope you come to AZ sometime. If I had the $3000 to donate to your show, I'd get you here myself.

  25. leecamp

    Thank you, Allison! I was in Vegas last year. Hope to be back soon!

  26. Allison Wilson

    PLEASE come to California! (Preferably Northern/SF Area) We'll even travel to So Cal or Vegas if that's the closest we can get!!!! Going to Kickstarter right now...

  27. leecamp

    YES! Sorry about that. Here are the details -

  28. Esquire

    Hi Lee are you coming to Stowe Vt on Saturday March 30th still no details on schedule want to come see you with some friends please update

  29. educated youth

    Hey Lee you need to come to Germany! Or Miami

  30. Lucy

    SO wish I could to all the dates in May! :-P

  31. leecamp

    Me too!

  32. Angela

    I hope you come back to Colorado soon, I actually have money to go now!

  33. clayton

    Too bad ur not gonna do SXSW.

  34. cynthia Love emrich

    Hi Lee, heard some of your stuff about N.C. but there are many good, open-minded individuals around, especially in Charlotte. I think the Comedy Zone is gone, but we have enough college campuses that were made for educational, comedic exercises(may even get credits for going to a concert), Just a thought, would love you to come to the Queen City or Triangle Area(pun intended) soon.

  35. Oliver Kane

    Sweet. I'll try to catch a show when you near the Midwest. Where do you draw your inspiration?

  36. leecamp

    That starts this year. Anything at the top has not happened yet.

  37. Oliver Kane

    Lee, I stumbled upon your stuff Sunday night and love it. You're a modern day Carlin, man. I discovered you while learning about Bitcoin. I think it's because of your stance on the banking cartels. Check it out, you could be accepting donations for FREE without giving pay pal 3%+$0.25 per transaction. 2 minute intro : Place to turn it into $$ for free There's no years on your calendar. Does that start this year or are those past events? --Oliver

  38. Melissa

    Come to Arizona. It would be awesome. You seriously need to come out west. I see your schedule , and it makes me wish I lived in New York.

  39. boblaituri

    Billings Montana needs you...

  40. leecamp

    Hey Marcus, No, I do not only go to liberal places. I go wherever people will bring me. I've toured every state in the union at some point in my career. And I will continue to go where people are able to bring me. I will be playing Kansas City, MO and Des Moines, IA in January.

  41. Marcus

    Hey Lee, I understand even for an anti capatilism rules the world person like yourself you need to make a buck here and there but I hope that is not the reason the only places in the US you tour are more liberal places. I live in Nebraska and I'd love to get some of my friends to listen to your mad genius rantings but turning them on to the pod cast I enjoy is difficult, taking them to a live event would not. I get that in Nebraska your only audience might be me and the people I bring but I'll be there. Regardless keep ranting and educating me, it's hard to learn about what's really going on and being able to do it while laughing just makes it that much better ... stay angry!

  42. leecamp

    Thank you, CT!! I would love to come to Oz again. My last tour there was amazing.

  43. CT

    G'day Lee, I listen to you on the Best of the Left podcast and you are by far the funniest, but clear, mother fuckers I have ever heard. It is not only what you say, but how you say it that makes the most sense, and pisses me off at the same time. Fuck you for that. Keep at it, and we would love to have you here in Australia. Cheers, CT

  44. LDQ

    I noticed that you took down your Denver event. I am from Ft. Collins and might be able to help you find a venue if that is your reasoning

  45. leecamp

    Hey, I doubt it will be but feel free to check back in a couple weeks. Hope to see you there! ~Lee

  46. LDQ

    Hello, Will your show in Denver be 21 and up? Hopefully not because I would love to see you live

  47. AFQ

    Please come to the University of Oregon!!!!! Eugene needs you.

  48. Dorian

    Lee, You've gotta get out to LA. I'm sure this town would love your stand-up. -d

  49. Gary Brubaker

    Hey Lee, I’m one of your UK sponsors that is disabled. I live in Oxford, and I’m fairly familiar with Oxford but I don’t know where the Glee Club is located here. You will be performing here twice, and it would be great to see your show and maybe have a chat and a handshake of gratitude for your work. I will also be using a mobility scooter. My legs are losing it. I hope they can get me into the place! Peace, Gary

  50. Maureen Black

    I think it would be useful to put in the year of your schedule. Regards Maureen

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