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  1. Francis Richard Conolly

    Did you ever get my email about having a DO NOT VOTE campaign right across America? And did you never see my movie 'JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick' ? Richie Allen loves it and he told me he thought it would be right up your street.

  2. Vincent

    Love the company of redacted tonight !

  3. leecamp

    Here's my interview with Stein -

  4. SarahKat

    Hi Lee! Redacted Tonight is my favorite place to get the news. I especially appreciate your coverage of the DNC election fraud. How is it that Hillary is getting away with this?! Thanks for doing the news no one else will even acknowledge exists. I do believe that you are making a real difference and helping to promote real awareness and positive change. I've recommended your show to many people. I was wondering if you were going to have Dr. Jill Stein on your show anytime soon? Please consider scheduling a show in St Paul or Minneapolis if you can fit that in sometime in the future! We would love to see you in person!

  5. Brandy Black

    Seattle Needs You! I need you!

  6. desertmagnolia

    If your ever down here in the Palm Springs area I'm there Love you make bearable this election

  7. leecamp

    Go here -

  8. ddiorio

    Hey Lee, love your show. Doing a Florida tour anytime soon? If so where. Plez reply.

  9. Dory

    Hi Lee! Love your show! When are you in Philly, PA next? Wanted to find out about getting tickets. Thanks!

  10. Nickname ( required )

    Where's the 2016 schedule?

  11. Bagabones felis

    Do you intend on doing a Florida tour? South Florida........Um....West Palm maybe? 😉😇

  12. fongers

    Coming to LA Soon?

  13. leecamp

    I've played Dublin and Belfast before. Loved it!

  14. kiora

    UH.. Maybe Belfast too..

  15. kiora

    Yo, come to Dublin, Ireland to do a show, Vicar Street or the Olympia Theater are good size venue's for you. Maybe around March when we have our elections perfect time!

  16. Jess

    Gah you all decide to come back to NY a month after I move. Bahstad. ;^) Orlando needs you. At least 20% of the population is tolerable; I swear.

  17. leecamp

    I love Seattle.

  18. Chad

    Hey Lee, hope you can make it out to Seattle sometime, would love to see you live.

  19. anouk

    any chance you will come to Europe? :)

  20. leecamp

    I've toured the UK a bunch but can't at the moment with the TV show. I am a vegetarian.

  21. peter

    Hi Lee, 2 questions: 1, any chance you could come to the UK? 2, are you vegan?

  22. Dante Michaels

    Lee,Lee,Lee...hmm..Coming to PA.anytime soon?

  23. leecamp

    Thanks! Wish I could make it over there soon.

  24. Danilo

    I wish you would come to Norway sometime! I`ve seen every episode of redacted tonight, and only wish they lasted longer! Thanks for showing us what`s realy going on. Keep fighting!

  25. leecamp

    Ha. I'll try. Might be awhile.

  26. MrPuzzlez

    If possible, could you please, PLEASE, come to Little Rock, Arkansas? We need a good Atheistic comedian here! To visit, that is....

  27. Dude

    Please come to San Francisco!

  28. peachizme

    Hey Lee, Seen you at Yuk Yuk's in Vancouver last November, you should make plans to come back sometime this year man! Love your show Redacted Tonight dude, keep up the good work! -Dylan

  29. leecamp

    Coming to Atlanta in a few weeks!

  30. Lewie spearman

    Lee, any plans of hitting Atlanta anytime this year? I got a friend from Alabama that would love to see you live. As would I.

  31. leecamp

    Here's the link -

  32. leecamp

    Yeah! Haven't put it on the schedule yet but will soon. It's in March!

  33. Dion

    Lee--your email today said you were coming to Philly? What's up? Eager to see your performance!

  34. leecamp

    I'll look into it. :)

  35. Cosmo

    Lee I see youl'll be in Pittburgh soon. Any chance you can do Cleveland? I'll bring lot's of friends. You can stay at our house and I'll make waffles in the morning. Pretty please?

  36. Laura

    Please come to California! We need more smart people!

  37. leecamp

    Thanks! March 13th! More info coming soon.

  38. LadyCabral

    I got an email saying you are coming to Boston but it's not listed here. do you have a date and place yet? Thanks Lee. I don't want to miss it.

  39. Catseye

    Thank you so much for visiting us in Chapel Hill, NC. You are doing a very important service to us all, as well as entertaining us.

  40. jfod endings

    Hey Lee, for when you are in Vancouver, look up the Burnaby mountain protest. Kinder Morgan is suing 5 protesters for 5.6 million for getting in the way of a pipeline survey in a public park & conservation area... dunno about you but how much do normal people make in a lifetime? Some of them are university professors too.

  41. Basspedalman

    Hey Lee, When are you back in the UK?

  42. Reggie

    Hey Lee, I'm loving your brand on "truth to power". When are you coming back to NYC? I would love to do an interview with you and it would broadcast on WBAI Radio in NYC. Let me know.

  43. leecamp

    I'm sorry! That was for 2013! A year ago!

  44. Giovanni75

    Hi, I put a date on my calendar months ago for your appearance in Carlinville, IL (Blackburn College) on November 16th. It doesn't show here; has this date been cancelled? I sure hope not.

  45. Ladyl14

    Any plans on coming to the uk?

  46. chell

    come further south . . . . Memphis would love to have you :)

  47. Suz

    Where's the info on your Chicago show??????

  48. leah

    are you still participating in the united we stand event this saturday? was looking forward to seeing you and many other speaker/performers.

  49. paul

    Cone to Kansas City lee! Place called wesport you should look into. The have a comedy Club and you would rock it out. Please and thank you.

  50. leecamp

    Sorry, that's the schedule from last year. Not this year.

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