“You Don’t Even Know You’re A Slave” – NEW episode of the MOC Show

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  1. Jack Davis

    I'm lucky enough to have minimal student debt, but even the amount I have is a weight on my shoulder. Good points in the show. Enslaving and dumbing down the population is a great investment in the future! The pessimistic reality... what are we to do when idiocracy becomes our reality? Prostituition, I like that. Poor prostituits. Keep 'em coming Lee!

  2. vastman

    As a sci fi fanatic for 50 years I honestly can't imagine a more psychotic world than that which I see unfolding all around us...meanwhile we're destroying the very planet on which humanity depends! Thanks, Lee...for all your truth

  3. WildBill212

    Henry is your Mid-Wife...HO HO HO,HEE HEE HEE, HA HA HA, yes yes very funny yes yes very funny Mr.LEE. Sally-Mae, she nazzy, not so nice w/very big ass, Biotch...YIKEE!!! But so sorry Mr. LEE, guest not true! the USA needs mo' production so Hamburgers not #1 product no mo'.

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