LEAKED: Head Of FCC Mocks Impending Destruction Of The Internet

Dec 12, 2017 Last week, the FCC held its annual “Telecom Prom”- an affair filled with industry executives and employees. The event has a strict no camera policy, but thanks to an anonymous spy, we have a small window into the mentality of our ruling class, to whom public outcry is nothing more than a…

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Arrested For Feeding The Homeless: Is This What We’ve Come To?

The Final Scam To Crush The Working Class

New Study Hints U.S. Revolution Is Brewing

Redacted Tonight #174-Tax Bill Fraud, Secret US Spy Base, Genetic Warfare, Suppressing Dissent

Lee Camp delves into the insane GOP tax reform plan, which is really yet another giveaway to the rich. Then, Lee talks about how people in Atlanta are actually getting arrested for having compassion and discusses the anti-war activists arrested for protesting a secret American spy base in Australia. Lee rounds out the 1st half…

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